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Ahzemussa's Decay

Procced by: Ahzemussa, Necromancer's Boneterror + Death Servant Pet
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 90
Duration: ? seconds.
Effects: -55 toughness, -55 agility.

Armor Piercing

Procced by: Naraikos Hunter's Bow, Naraikos Longsword
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 93
Duration: 20 seconds
Effects: -50 armor, -10 absorb.

Bestial Fury

Procced by: Barbarian Chief's Hammer, Barbarian Greatsword
Type: Buff
Level Req.: 92
Duration: 0.20 seconds.
Effects: +20 haste, +200 damage

Bear Roar

Procced by: Ancient Werebear Hammer
Type: Stun
Level Req.: 10
Effects: 2.5s stun

Blessed Healing

Procced by: Blessed Dagger, Pearl Shield
Type: Heal
Level Req.: 75
Effects: 100-200 life healed.

Blinding Darkness

Procced by: Lightbane
Type: ?
Level Req.: 90
Duration: 30 seconds.
Effects: -40 foc, -25 spellpower


Procced by: Incisor
Type: DoT, Debuff
Level Req.: 55
Duration: 30 seconds?
Effects: 45 damage every 4 seconds, -35 str


Procced by: Bonerazor Sword
Type: Damage, Debuff
Level Req.: 70
Duration: 20 seconds.
Effects: 150-300 damage, -30 damage.

Bone Shatter

Procced by: BoneBreaker
Type: Stun
Level Req.: 96
Effects: 6.0 second stun.

Dark Terror

Procced by: Nethersteel Flail, Nethersteel Kopis, Demon Rune Hammer
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 90
Duration: 30 seconds
Effects: -20 absorb, -86 damage.

Deathly Wound

Procced by: VeinSlicer
Type: Damage Over Time
Level Req: 90
Duration: 9 seconds.
Effects: 350 damage every 3 seconds.

Divine Ray

Procced by: The Elder Mace
Type: Damage
Level Req: 15
Effects: 20-40 damage

Dragon Frost

Procced by: Highfrost Bow/Dagger/Hammer/Staff/Sword
Type: Damage, Stun (does not stun on bow)
Level Req. 90
Effects: 300-600 damage, 3.0 second stun.

Dragons Rage

Procced by: Frozen Dragonblade
Type: Buff
Level Req. 100
Duration: 21 seconds.
Effects: + 2 SKILL:Enrage, +100 damage.

Earthen Binding

Procced by: Gnoll Hammer
Type: Root
Level Req. 62
Duration: ? seconds.

Endless Chaos

Procced by: Staff of the Lost Redemption
Type: Damage, Debuff
Duration: ?
Effects: ~600 damage, -6 stun immunity, -18 stun resist.

Engulfing Darkness

Procced by: Dark Steel Knife
Type: Damage, Root
Level Req.: 10
Duration: 12 seconds.
Effects: 30-50 damage and root

Engulfing Flames

Procced by: Illundium Bark Sabre
Type: Damage
Level Req. 10
Effects: 10-20 damage


Procces by: Demon Executioner Axe
Type: Debuff
Duraction: 6 seconds
Effects: -100 wound

Feast of Blood

Procced by: BloodDrinker
Type: Lifetap
Level Req.: 96
Duration: N/A.
Effects: 250-500 damage, drains 1/2 damage to caster life.


Procced by: Salamander Bone Staff
Type: Damage
Level Req.: 100
Effects: 500-1000 damage.

Frozen Soul

Procced by: Frostwraith
Type: Damage, Debuff, Stun
Level Req.: 95
Duration: 30 seconds
Effects: 125-250 damage, -20 haste, 5.0 second stun.

Grip of Fire

Procced by: Fiery Blade of Turbarar
Type: Damage
Level. Req: 30
Effects: 65-130 damage

Hammer of Judgement

Procced by: Scepter of Timeless Devotion
Type: Damage (Holy), Stun
Level. Req: 96
Effects: 1.5 second stun, 950-1740 damage

Hidden Depths

Procced by: Cypress Shod Staff
Type: Buff
Level. Req: 89
Duration: 30 seconds.
Effects: +10 haste, +100 damage.

Hideous Laughter

Procced by: Imp Dagger
Type: Debuff
Level. Req: ?
Duration: ? seconds.
Effects: ?


Procced by: Blade of Dark Skies
Type: Damage (Air)
Level. Req: 92
Effects: 500-1500 damage

Lightning Bolt

Procced by: Lightning Rod of Rion
Type: Damage (Air)
Level. Req: 45
Effects: 300-500 damage

Lightning Storm

Procced by: Stormsteel Hammer
Type: Damage (Air)
Level. Req: 80
Effects: 258-516 damage

Oceans Curse

Procced by: Ghostly Pirate Hammer/Scimitar
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 50
Duration: 30 seconds.
Effects: -20 strength, -20 agility.

Overpowering Guard

Procced by: Eternal Guardian Blade
Type: Buff
Level Req.: 100
Duration: 10 seconds
Effects: +3 SKILL:Shields, +2 SKILL:Enrage

Perforate Artery

Procced by: FarDeath
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 96
Duration: 15 seconds.
Effects: -25 haste.

Pilfer Life

Procced by: Vengeful Dagger
Type: Lifetap (Spirit)
Level Req.: 10
Effects: 4-8 damage, drains 1/2 damage to caster life.

Raging Storm

Procced by: Storm Forged Longbow,Druidic Staff of Storms,Storm Forged Blade
Type: Damage (Air)
Effects: 175-350 damage


Procced by: Soul Scythe
Type: Lifetap
Level Req.: 94
Effects: 200 - 400 damage, drains 1/2 damage to caster life.

Shadow of Dusk

Procced by: Sinister Duskwood Bow, Emperor's Bane, Deathbrand Hammer, Blacksoul Scimitar, Warstaff of Dusk
Type: Damage
Effects: 500-1500 damage

Shock of Ice

Procced by: Frostbourne Ice Axe
Type: Damage, Stun
Level Req.: 96
Effects: 610-1220 damage, 7.6 second stun


Procced by: Spidersilk Bow
Type: ROOT
Level Req.: 16
Duration: 3-6 seconds
Effects: Root

Soul Cutter

Procced by: Bone Golem Sword
Type: Damage, Debuff
Level Req.: 100
Duration: 10 seconds
Effects: 200-400 damage, - 10 spellpower.

Smoldering Ruin

Procced by: Smoldering Ironwood Mace
Type: Debuff/Fire (A second proc debuffs even more)
Level Req.: 100
Duration: 30 seconds
Effects: -30 fireresist


Procced by: Soulscream
Type: Debuff
Duration: 20 seconds.
Effects: -8 accuracy, -15 haste.


Procced by: Sea Spark
Type: Damage
Level Req.: 5
Effects: 5-20 damage

Volcanic Bolt

Procced by: Charred Bone Falchion
Type: Damage
Level Req.: 80
Effects: 400-800 damage.

Withered Heart

Procced by: Blackheart Dagger
Type: Debuff
Level Req.: 95
Duration: ? seconds
Effects: -80 toughness.