Warboss Deg

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Boss Information

Level: 100
Difficulty: Moderate
Gender: Male
Type: Melee
Evil: No
Accompanying Mobs: 2 Greeanjok Elite Guards (102), Warlord Greeanjok
Location: Greeanjok
Drops Gold: yes

Boss Abilities

Critical Hit
Double Edge

Drops from this Tier Boss

Greeanjok Skull Ring
Black Medallion of Tactics

Basic Strategy

This boss is in one room with Warlord Greeanjok and 2 Greeanjok Elite Guardians (level 102). The main challenge is to keep agro controlled.
Below, you will find one common strategy.
Tank drags elites out, and uses Phalanx and attack to build agro on them, while damage does not touch them.
After tank enters the room, Mortal Insult and Taunt are used to gain some agro on both bosses. Tank focuses main agro on Deg, while keeping enough agro on Greeanjok to let Priest heal.
Melee kills Deg first, then Greeanjok, and finishes with Elites.