Vesamau the Sleepless

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Boss Information

Level: 103
Difficulty: Very High
Rank: Tier 3
Gender: Male
Type: Melee & Proc & Caster
Evil: Yes
Accompanying Mobs: N/A
Location: The Great Chasm - The Gate
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time/Chance: 90 minutes, 50%

Boss Abilities

Casts Uncontrollable Fear
Casts Horrid Pestilence
Procs Vesamau's Contempt
Casts Absolute Zero
Procs Death Touch
Procs Ignorance of Aggression
Critical Hit
Arcane Revenge (Chance to gain one attack for every offensive spell which strikes Ves.)

Drops from this Tier Boss

Aegis of Enduring Divinity
Ankh of Timeless Servitude
Boots of the Etherwood
Eternal Guardian Blade
Eternal Sigil
Eternity Weave Tunic
Gauntlets of the Blood Legacy
Shield of Forgotten Hope
The Clogs of Infinite Knowledge
Zylus Benedictum Amulet
Zylun Mark of Anguish
Quest Items
Guardian Spirit Shard

Basic Strategy

It takes a large amount of mana for support to kill this boss. Winterberry Wines are stocked up to replenish the mana. These wines are paid for by taxing the whole group, usually between 30k and 40k per person.

  • Because of the Death Touch proc, Priests keep tank and essential support SfD-ed.
  • Priests set up a task distribution between rebuffing resurrected people, SfD-ing, roombuffing and binding/healing.
  • Paladins Resurrect dead group members when appropriate, and cast SotR on support to counter Vesamau's Contempt.
  • Enchanters keeps tank SRed as much as possible, and rebuff resurrected people.
  • Damage stops attack on revenge.