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In Depth Bossing

This script contains information pertaining to Target Boss Group Requirements Desired Equipment Tanking Strategy Group Strategy Problems and ways to overcome them The guide is based on defeating Barakhorn the Hopeslayer, however the majority of the information contained herein is applicable to all Dark-Resist bosses (Tarnael'dar, Ralothaxxias the Dracolich, Vesamau the Sleepless) and key strategies such as the debuff chains, compounding debuffs and damage/accuracy, agro maximization and negating room procs are all relevant in general bossing scenarios. Feedback is always good – I'm not perfect and I'm sure there are little hints and tips I have missed. Not everything is included in this, some more obscure or specific strategies (such as Blood Frenzy to Guardian to the Grave agro, Aegis of Enduring Divinity/Shelter of Aran + Pre-Roombuff) are not included. I am considering re-writing and expanding The Decimation of a Boss - Debuffs as an individual sub-guide, but we'll see what happens. Hopefully people find this useful, predominantly for leadership of successful runs but also for maximizing each classes potential in these scenarios. (By the way, it's long.) Target: Barakhorn the Hopeslayer

Hope is arguably the weakest of the T2 bosses, but this by no means makes him easy to defeat. Group Requirements

Must haves: Tank Priest Druid (must have rain) Enchanter 6+ Damagers, a mix of classes is always best Desirables: 2nd Priest Necromancer with Uncontrollable Fear Enchanter to have Rune of the Trancendental/Rune of Guidance Priest(s) to have any of the Room spells Bear Druid to utilize Roar Desired Equipment

Head: Frost Giant Helm (+1 Enrage), or Crown of Light (+abs and +dmg), or Bone Golem Skull (big +Dark Resist, +dmg but note: has Rampage 3 req) Chest: Frozen Seraphic Chestplate (+DR) Gloves: Ancient Emerald Gauntlets, Granite Gague Gauntlets (strong defensive) Legs: Crystal Mail Leggings (+2 Magic Resistance), Frozen Seraphic Greaves (+dr/ir only, but +dmg +abs on Crystal Mail Leggings) Boots: Crystal Mail Boots (+FR if required for entry), Ancient Lizardman Boots (+Magic Resistance) Weapon: Eternal Guardian Blade if you have, otherwise Frozen Dragonblade - swap to Obsidian Sword on proc (utilise +3 Enrage) // Bonebreaker or Obsidian Hammer for Enrage Right Hand: Interchange Spell Guard and Wyrm Scale Shield Neck: Idol of Suffering (+str/armor/Enrage). If Magic Resistance is a serious issue you can use Salamander Tongue on entry (+FR) Wrists: 2x Hellforged Bracer preferable, Frozen Troll Claw or Icy Ivory Bracelet next best, Ancient Veratine Bracer a last resort Rings: 1x Shadow Bound Ring, 1x Rakkala Forged Ring. (both +resists). It is no longer possible to get 2 Shadow Bound Rings on 1 character, so a Rakkala Forged Ring is your next best option. As you can see, the majority of equipment listed is giving additional Magic Resistance. This is because Magic Resistance is the most important part of the T2 run for a tank. Without Magic Resistance, the tank takes extreme debuffs resulting in: taking high damage unable to be efficiently healed doing very weak/slow damage which causes very poor agro generation Tanking Strategy

Magic Resistance Following on from the above, keeping sufficiently high magic resistance is most important for you as a tank. There are a variety of ways you can obtain your MR: Magic Resistance skill bonuses: Base skill: 5%/point for Warriors and Paladins, 5 points = 25% for Defenders, 8 points = 40% Item Bonuses: Frozen Seraphic Chestplate +8 (ice/dark), Shadow Bound Ring +10(ice/fire/dark), Spell Guard +13 (dark. +1 Magic Resistance, +DR +int), Ancient Lizardman Boots +1 Magic Resistance, Crystal Mail Leggings Legs +2 Magic Resistance (or Frozen Seraphic Greaves +7 ice/dark) Guild Bonuses Body Guild gives 7% MR per point. Body 4 = +28%. Spell Bonuses Monument of Purity gives +21 DR. Potion Bonuses Diamond Dust Tonic bought for 20k, +20DR Diamond Vial, made from 4 precious diamonds, +10DR Dragons Bane, heavy list of ingredients, +25 all MR EA bonuses EA2 +10% EA4 +15% EA bonuses give "Raw Resists" which also add to Spirit and Holy. As you can see, all of these options can add up to as much over 200% Dark Resistance, as well as easily over 100% of the other main resistances. However, these numbers are not required. A general rule, is that a minimum of 120% Dark Resistance is required for attempting Barakhorn the Hopeslayer. Entry

In a Hope run, the entry is the most dangerous time in the run. Hope is accompanied by two Inferno Demons, and this means you will be taking Hope's un-debuffed damage AND Hellfires. This is only the start of the problem though, each of the 3 mobs can all proc the room-spell Hellstorm which is capable of wiping out all the weak members of your group. If you can obtain a high enough Dark Resistance (preferably 140) to enter WITHOUT Spell Guard, then you should do this. Walk in with shield on, and keep it on at least until the Inferno Demons are dead. Your biggest threat, is having your support die. Hellstorm procs off melee attacks, so blocking these is much more important than wiping off those pesky Hellfires. This is a big weigh-up though. You will take quite harsh initial debuffs from Hope, but your Priests are ready and alert with Bind Wounds to carry you through until the next debuffing round. Your damagers will all take the top Inferno Demon as soon as possible. Therefore, ignore it. Try to get a hit or two on the SECOND Inferno Demon (for security basically) and then focus solely on Hope. Now to focus on Hope. Use Mortal Insult then Taunt, or Strike of Justice asap on him. If you have Double Edge, ensure you only use it when you have Rune of Guidance on you, to capitalize on the accuracy + additional hits. Once you’re started on Hope, your main concern becomes debuff maintenance. Hope will cast a variety of debuffs on you, however only 3 of these are of any concern. Disease (dark type), Uncontrollable Fear (dark type) and Destroy Coordination (ice type). 5 seconds before the debuff wears off, swap to Spell Guard. This gives you a little bonus resist versus the debuff before switching back to your shield. You also need to be wary of the timers on your potions. Always try to use your potions a little bit before you go into hope, otherwise your potion will wear off after 55 seconds in Hope, then Uncontrollable Fear wears off in 5 seconds time. You don't want to get caught with 1 set of really bad debuffs because you missed your swap AND your potion ran out at the same time. Hope will also Roomstun, as well as use skills like Revenge. These are irrelevant to you as the tank. It is the Priest's job to keep your HP stable pre-stun, and you should never stop attacking regardless of Revenge. If you concentrate well on all of these aspects, by the time you reach Hope's Desperation level, you will have very low disease and debuffs on you, which means you will be more safe from his increased damage, and your own damage will be sufficient enough to retain strong agro, which becomes very important when you get to Desperation and your damagers start chain nuking, or using skills like Berserk, Double Edge etc. Group Strategy

Pre-Run Make sure as the leader, that you know the capabilities of your members, especially your support. If you have a weak Priest, get a second. If you have a weak Druid, make sure you have a strong Priest. If the damage you have added is not of high AA/equipment, simply get more. The worst thing that can happen, is you get to Barakhorn the Hopeslayer and fail because of "not enough of X". Buffing This one is self-explanatory, and each class should know their jobs. Priests: Power of Aran for all melee, Purity of Soul for all casters + low-HP melee like Redeemers/Assassins. Work out between you which will do which buff. Ensure that the Priest with the highest spellpower is the one who buffs the tank. Enchanter: Straight forward. Remember to check any Rangers, Paladins, Redeemers, Druids who may want a Rune of Mind to buff, before then taking Rune of Physical Power. Don't forget to buff the pets with Rune of Physical Power either. Druid: Nature's Skin goes to the tank. Nature's Fire only 1 person, the tank. The proc does minimal damage, but it's extra agro for the tank and a small bonus for a Wizard. Stormfall all casters in priority order: Yourself, Priests, Enchanters, then nuker classes as well as Rangers and Assassins. Pre-entry A last minute check. Make sure everyone has the buffs they need. Make sure support have sufficiently regenerated their mana. Make sure each character knows the plan (that's this!). Last buffs to go on the tank should be Blessing of Divinity, (Mark of Aran if used), Rune of Guidance then Spell Reflection. At the point of calling for Rune of Guidance/Spell Reflection, the tank should be 100% ready to go, and using their potions. Entry Damage: Inferno Demons must die on sight. This is the responsibility of every damager in the group. Do not worry about getting agro, often the demons will either get stunned, or only have time to let off 1-3 nukes. Once they are dead, damagers should sit tight for a short while as the tank generates further agro. Druid needs to cast Rain on entry, and it is then often given to the Druid the job of "LBing". That is, at any stage the Druid is not casting a heal, he/she needs to be meleeing Hope with Lightbane on for the –sp proc. Priests: If you have two Priests, organise that the 1 Priest with Condemn casts it first, and the other Priest is the first Bind Wounds. Condemn is a heavily underrated and underused spell, which greatly reduces the debuffs of the boss (and also debuffs their damage by –str fairly substantially). -Spellpower is the most important debuff on Hope, because all other buffs/debuffs (damage, armor, haste etc) are all taken away from the tank... by Hope's debuffs. Enchanter keep Spell Reflection on the tank while Infernos are alive. Debuff Hope as quickly as possible with Destroy Coordination, and Exhaustion if you have + no Uncontrollable Fear. The Decimation of a Boss - Debuffs Necromancer + Enchanter combination: Where you have Uncontrollable Fear Necromancer, and Enchanter with Destroy Coordination, there is a process you can follow to obtain the "ultimate" debuff. At the end of the day, not many characters have these skills/spells/items but if you have the two characters, try to follow as many of the steps as possible. Rune of the Trancendental both characters Necromancer uses Unquenchable Thirst of Souls (gauntlets). Then (cloak) casts Eviscerate Soul. Then casts (still cloaked) Uncontrollable Fear. This is the highest Uncontrollable Fear a Necromancer can get outside of potions. Double DR debuff, then Uncontrollable Fear with a big Arcane Mastery bonus Enchanter uses (cloaked) Destroy Coordination. Enchanter then uses Elemental Defiance, and re-casts (still cloaked) Destroy Coordination. What you get from this, is the best possible Unquenchable Thirst of Souls due to huge debuffs and Rune of the Trancendental/Cloak. You then get a very strong Destroy Coordination from Rune of the Trancendental/Cloak. The Enchanter then switches to Elemental Defiance, and re-casts Destroy Coordination on Hope who already has a huge debuff of both Armor and Absorb so cannot resist this second Destroy Coordination very well. Ultimately, the result is a boss who: Has low damage Has very slow attack speed Has very poor defenses from a heavy lack of armor/absorb. This achieves a variety of things. It increases your tank's damage and thus agro (in a very big way, with potential for melee attacks from the tank to actually increase 400% from 200 to 800dmg for example). It means the tank takes minimal damage due to low damage + low speed. It also means that Hope will die very fast, because melee will Shred him to Pieces . The additional important debuffs: Ultimate Demoralisation + Condemn These two debuffs have good –str/-agi components. Not only does it reduce Hope's damage further, but the –str and –agi really have an effect on his Dodge and Parry rates, allowing melee to hit much more often Naraikos Longsword, Heartseeker, Restless Heart These debuffs from a variety of sources, are short-term –absorb debuffs and are best used at the very start and very end of the runs. At the start it helps the tank do more damage, this means fast agro. At the end it means EVERYONE does more damage, and this means Hope will die fast, and you can skip through his dangerous Desperation period as quickly as possible. Damage

Key points to note are: Kill Inferno Demons on entry. Also, kill any RESPAWNED Demons on sight. Do not attack until advised to. The beginning of the run is the most unstable. Err on the side of caution and be patient Revenge. This makes Hope riposte like a bitch. There are very clear messages when revenge starts and ends – make sure you know them. It is safest to stop attacking during revenge, as Hope can land a happy Riposte critical on you for up to 5k. If you get unlucky and Hope goes into Revenge at Desperation, be VERY careful. In most instances you just have to stop attacking, whole groups can be killed within the space of a few seconds because of this. Room Spells. These greatly increase your damage output. If you see Ultimate Seal of Faith or Roar up, this is the time to go. Try to time your active damage skills for when these roomspells are up, to best capitalize on the bonus. Nuke classes T2 bosses have a lot of hp and take a fair while to kill. Due to ignorance and mana, staggering is the best option. If you have debuffs such as Earthfury, utilize those before you nuke. Ensure that each nuke does the most damage you can make it do – because the compounding agro effect will come from the number of casts. Few strong nukes is the way to go. Many weak nukes will just get you killed. Staggering through Starfall and Hellfire, Starfall and Hellfire all the way to Desperation is one easy way to manage your nuking output. Similar to melee active skills, save your own skills such as Elemental Defiance/Quickcast and chain casting to Desperation. Problems and Solutions

I have trouble swapping and using potions while watching timer and the group, what can I do? It’s imperative that you use hotkeys. Whenever I was doing T2’s on Aldous, I did the run off 2 full hotkey banks. An example of Defender hotkeys for a run would be as follows: Frozen Dragonblade swap, Obsidian Sword swap, Wyrm Scale Shield swap, Spellguard swap, use Diamond Dust Tonic, Target Guardian to the Grave. We keep dying due to stuns, why? Prior to the stun, your support classes should keep you healed as much as possible. This includes Restoration of the Grove from the Druid. Ideally, you want to aim to get stunned with at least 50% HP, and have Restoration of the Grove active on you as well as Blessing of Divinity. Sometimes if you have 2 Priests it also helps to only have 1 Bind Wounds at the start then heals – so that as soon as the stun ends you can be bound (casting heals takes time!). Also be careful of your swaps. If you go into a stun and have forgotten to put your shield back on, well hey, you’re in a bit of trouble. My disease is always high, what can I do? If your equipment isn't the best, get potions. 60k for 3 Diamond Dust Tonics is normally enough to give you a permanent +15 dark resist. Precious diamonds from ogre miners are quite simple to farm if you have some time, and you get +10 dark resist from Diamond Vials from Zolantar, at the cost of 4 precious diamond a pop. You can also try to make sure one of the Priests you take has either Condemn, or Monument of Purity. A SP debuff, or Dark Resist buff will help you keep those debuffs down. I never die, but I just cant keep agro! A common mistake by tanks, is to spec and play like a TANK. Max all your Magic Resistance, max all your Mastery of Pain, max all your Phalanx. This just doesn't work, you have to be doing damage. Invest in good offensive skills like Double Attack and Triple Attack. If agro is a problem for you, make sure you always capitalize on opportunities to increase it such as a Frozen Dragonblade proc, or asking the Enchanter to keep Rune of Guidance on you permanently. Regardless of what anyone else says, your ability to hold agro is based primarily on your ability to actually do some melee damage. If you find you are only hitting for 100 or 200 damage, then you need more buffing. Consider switching to a war guild if you can sacrifice the MR (its not hard, with good eq/EA bonus). Ask for Ultimate Seal of Faith/Roar as much as possible. Because of bosses high armor, if you’re hitting for 100 damage and Ultimate Seal of Faith gives +200 damage, all the other melee might start hitting from 1000 to 1200, but you will increase from 100 to 300. That's only 20% more agro for them, but 200% more for you. Never underestimate that.

If there are further queries etc, I’ll answer and edit them in. I’ll accept donations of beer, as always. - Matt aka Aldous