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Type Effects Dull Bright Brilliant Blinding
Aquamarine MP Regen 1 2 3 4
Armour Armour Rating 1 2 4 6
Balancing Weapon Speed 0 0 1 2
Blue Focus 2 4 6 8
Brown Toughness 2 4 6 8
Diamond Spellpower 0 1 2 3
Emerald Haste 1 2 3 4
Enamel Weapon Damage 1 2 3 4
Gold Life 100 200 300 400
Gray* Armor 1 2 3 4
Green Charisma 2 4 6 8
Onyx Absorb 0 0 1 2
Platinum Mana 100 200 300 400
Red Strength 2 4 6 8
Ruby HP Regen 1 2 3 4
Sapphire Shield 1 2 3 4
Scarlet Damage 2 4 7 12
Violet Intelligence 2 4 6 8
Yellow Agility 2 4 6 8
  • Gray Tinctures no longer drop.

What is a tincture/tinc?

A tincture is an item you can apply to an item you have equiped, in order to try to make it stronger. You can improve the effects of items that way. In order to improve an effect, the item you apply the tincture to already has to have that effect. For example, when you apply a Red Ring Tincture to a Grass Heart Ring, there will be no effect besides the disappearance of the tincture because the item has no strength bonus to improve. Note: Applying a tinc to attempt to fix an item's negative effect, such as -10 int, doesn't work. It instead increases the negative effect.

Does it always work? I can have like a +1000 damage Frostbourne Axe and pwn people?

No. There is a chance that instead of improving your item, the item explodes due to the tincture, making you lose both the item and the tincture.

Which factors affect the chances of making a tincture work?

The type of tincture. Diamond ones, spellpower, for example, are less likely to work than armor ones. The strength of a tincture. Bright ones, for example, are less likely to work than dull ones. How tinced the item you are applying it to already is. Applying a Bright Helm Armor Tincture to a helm that has not been tinced yet before is a lot more likely to work than a helm which already has +10 armor. The last one has not been added until rather recently. The result is it is now easier to tinc untinced items but a lot harder to reach really high values.

Is there a cap on how high you can tinc an item?

Yes and no. A tinc is never 100% sure to make your item explode or work, but with the new system getting anything over +20 armor is extremely challenging, although it has been done. Other values exist for other tinctures, armor is just an example.

Can you add a list with the probability each of the different tinctures has to work?

No. As far as I know, only Vasudeva knows this, although (some) Guardians might have limited knowledge about it too. Regardless, it is not public information.

So, what mob do I farm in order to get a Brilliant Ruby Bracelet Tincture?

It does not work like that. The type of tincture you get from certain mobs is random, there is only a maximum strength.

Can you add a general list with mobs which drop tinctures then, along with how often they do so?

Sure, although there are plenty of people who know more about this than me (Revenant), so I am hoping they will add additions/improvements.

Coranin Forest

Ralthorn (miniboss): medium chance, up to bright
Dread Guard of Serpolis (miniboss): medium chance, up to bright
Coranin Bandit Captain: medium low chance, up to bright (i think)

Frozen Vale

Ice Demon (easy miniboss): low chance, up to bright
Cold Mountain Spirit (easy miniboss): low chance, up to bright
Crazy Cold Man (lvl 96) and Crazy Cold Hermit (lvl 97): very low chance, dull only


Lvl 84+ ogres: EXTREMELY small chance, dull only
Painlords (lvl 93): very small chance, dull only
Deathbringer (lvl 95): decent chance, dull only
Ogre Sage Oulgrom (spellcasting miniboss): medium chance, up to bright

Northern Wastes

The Harvester (miniboss): decent chance, up to bright
King of the Aeri (miniboss): low chance, up to bright

Ocean's Grotto

Rakkala Terror Golem (miniboss): medium chance, up to brilliant

Old Conosiat Mines

Vukodlak (miniboss): small chance, up to bright
All the mobs in the deeper part drop tincs, although as far as I know only the Bodyguards drop bright, all the rest drop dull only.

Ruins of Serpolis

All mobs except for Chasm Demons have a decent chance to drop tinctures up to brilliant, while the Chasm Demons have a small chance to drop up to bright.

Sassaren Fields

All mobs have a very small chance to drop up to bright

Silverspire Mountain

Captain Borgaid: medium low chance, up to bright


Issik: low chance, only seen dull

Tier 1 bosses

They have a good chance of dropping bright and brilliant tinctures, although there have been reports of occasional dull and blinding drops, but those are rather rare.

Tier 2/3 Bosses

Very good chance of dropping brilliant ones. Decent chance of dropping bright/blinding ones.