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Boss Information

Level: 103
Difficulty: High
Rank: Tier 3
Gender: Male
Type: Melee
Evil: Yes
Accompanying Mobs: 2 Hopeflayer Demons (102)
Location: Halls of Sorrow
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time/Chance: ?

Boss Abilities

Benedictine Strength
Critical Hit
Execution - a wound, (skill/proc/spell ?)
Vortex of Mana
Vortex of Stamina
Terminax Overpower -85k agro

Pet Abilities

Casts Cloud of Pestilence, room poison effect (-50 disease, 1500 damage)

Drops from this Tier Boss

Diamondthread Circlet
Nightmare Everlasting Cowl
Hellhide Cap
Diamondlink Crown
Hellsteel Visor
Demonforged Plate Helm
Demon Champion's Husk
Demon Executioner Axe
Quest Items
Demon Horn

Basic Strategy

  • It is absolutely vital that nobody dies. Any death causes this boss to gain massive amounts of damage and magic resists.
  • The combination of room poison from Hopeflayers and Hellstorm is deadly and can wipe out half the group in a matter of seconds. This needs to be prevented at all cost:
    • Off-tank is in top position and tanks Hopeflayers. Off-tank should try to grab agro of pets, asap.
    • Any melee damage needs to jump on any spawn. Melee has 15 seconds to kill Hopeflayers, after 15 seconds, they cast Cloud of Pestilence.
  • Main tank tanks boss, and keeps agro at any cost. Possible strategy: Paladin uses Raging Fist of Aran, Defender uses Guardian to the Grave.
  • Priests PoS (or EoS) everybody to counter the room damage effects as much as possible.
  • Druid keeps up rain to counter the damage of the room damage effects.
  • This boss has very low magic resists:

Full Nuke Effects

  • Wizard: 6-8k damage with Hellfire, plus Critical Hits, 4-6k damage with Starfall. (Make sure to use Starfall, and if possible use Earthfury, then start Hellfiring.)
  • Necromancer: 4-5k damage with Eviscerate Soul, 4-5k damage with each Curse of Torment hit. (Use Eviscerate Soul, then use Unquenchable Thirst of Souls, then debuff with Uncontrollable Fear for full effects.) Need Info on Poisons
  • Druid: 8-10k damage with Wrath of Verinae. (Make sure to wait for the boss to drop dow to 70% and then chain-nuke for additional -airresist.)
  • Enchanter: ?-?k damage with Asphyxiate. (Wait for Wrath of Verinae to hit, then use Asphyxiate.)
  • Summoner: ?-?k damage with Elemental Razor.