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The 6 attributes in Revelation are Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Toughness, Focus and Charisma. Each attribute has its own role in the different classes. Strength Increases damage for most classes Increases burden Increases Parry chance Increases Riposte chance Increases Impale modifier for Assassins Agility Increases damage of Assassin and Rangers Lowers casting time Increases Dodge chance Increases Parry chance Intelligence Increases mana points & mana regen for Wizards/Summoners/Enchanters/Necromancers Increases Magic Resistance for all classes Toughness Increases hit points, armor and hpregen (5 tog = 1 hpregen) for all classes Increases Riposte chance Focus Increases the mana points & mana regen for Paladins/Druids/Priests/Redeemers/Rangers Increases weapon proc chance Increases damage for Paladins/Druids/Priests Increases critical shot chance for bow Rangers Charisma Increases pet block for all pet users Increases Boon for Redeemers Increases damage for Redeemers Increases mana regen for Enchanters (5 cha = 1 mpregen) [As of Update 0.41.01] Evasion

For a detailed description on how evasions work, see the Evasion document. Magic Shield Chance to block an attack on a Magic Shield roll. Block Chance to block an attack on a Block roll. Parry Chance to block an attack on a Parry roll. Riposte Chance to counter-attack on a Riposte roll. Dodge Chance to evade an attack on a Dodge roll. Defense

Absorb Reduction percentage of melee damage taken. Absorb is applied before Armor. Armor Total amount of armor. Lowers melee damage taken. Armor is subtracted after absorb is applied. Magic Resistance Reduction percentage of magic damage taken. A percentage per resistable magic type. Offense

Damage Damage range for main hand weapon. Atk Spd Delay between attacks for main hand weapon, and its haste modifier. Damage 2 Damage range for off-hand weapon. Atk Spd 2 Delay between attacks for off-hand weapon, and its haste modifier. Accuracy Chance for bypassing opponent's evasion. Kick Damage range for the Kick skill. Bash Damage range and stun time for the Bash skill. Impale Damage range and multiplier for the Impale skill. Penetration The percentage of an opponent's armor that is bypassed when attacking. Other

Spellpower Spell effectiveness bonus percentage. Gold The amount of gold in hands. Burden Carried weight and maximum weight that can be carried.