Sedgeway the First

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Boss Information

Level: 100
Difficulty: Easy
Gender: Male
Type: Melee
Evil: No
Accompanying Mobs: none
Location: Myronmet Graveyard
Drops Gold: yes

Boss Abilities

Procs Consumption of Life
ROOMProcs Unquenchable Thirst of Souls
Critical Hit

Drops from this Tier Boss

Bracer of Perfect Accuracy
Breastplate of Damnation
Staff of Punishment
Staff of Yoshen Zi-Shinouken
Gem of the Sun

Basic Strategy

This boss has a room lifetap effect. This means that the Priest PoS-es all low-hp group members.
A rain Druid can be used to counter the room damage effect.
The Enchanter keeps tank SRed when boss reaches 40% health.