Salisenor the Asadric Lord

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Salisenor the Asadric Lord

Level: 60
Difficulty: Medium
Gender: Male
Type: Melee, Proc
Evil: No
Accompanying Mobs: 2 Asegrene Pirate Bodyguards
Location: Asegrene
Drops Gold: yes

Boss Abilities

Pirate Beacon Flare
Shoulder Charge
Fencing Lunge
Fencing Swipe
Critical Hit

Drops from this Tier Boss

Mortischant Couter
Halichassgod Bonds
Softhenor Barrier
Astraerank Tome
Lucmind Chain


Drag the two pets out of the room to get rid of that nuisance. If you are solo priesting then I suggest having quite a few damage along or pots. If there are 2 priests then there isn't much to worry about. Once tank gets agro just kill him. There's not much of a strategy to killing him.