Rion of the Council

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Boss Information

Level: 102
Difficulty: Moderate
Gender: Male
Type: Cast
Evil: No
Accompanying Mobs: A Master Wizard & A Master Wizardess
Location: Sucaran
Drops Gold: Yes

Boss Abilities

Casts Immolation: ? damage every ? seconds, -? fireresist for ? seconds
Casts Frozen Oblivion: -? iceresist, -? stunresist, -? stunimmunity for ? seconds
Casts Cascade: ? damage every ? seconds for ? seconds
Casts Earthfury: Root, ? damage, -? firesist for approx. 40 seconds
Casts Frost of Eternity: 30? second stun, ? damage
Casts Hellfire: ? damage

Drops from this Tier Boss

Crystal Oculus
Exquisite Dreamscape Edge
Grave Walkers
Infernal Animator Insight
Smoldering Ironwood Mace
Quest Items
a small magical cube

Basic Strategy

This is a fire/ice wizard boss, with two wizard pets.
Enchanter keeps tank SR'ed continuously.
Priest spam heals tank.
Damage kills Wizardess first, then Wizard, and wait for tank signal to kill Rion.