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What is Revelation? Revelation is an online, text based, fantasy role playing game for all Windows operating systems. It can be best compared to a MUD, but it is much more than that. The game client has a fully graphical interface, which makes the game more simple to play as well as more immersing. The game has a player guild system which provides incentive for the players of the game to gather together to fight each other and the great evils plaguing the world! More players are joining the game every day, and if you are looking for a fun, intense, and addictive experience then look no further.

The world of Kaldana is a world torn between those who believe the gods are dead, those who believe the gods are returning soon, and those who think they are gods themselves. A great revelation is coming for the people of Kaldana. Will you help bring it out or will you be one of those who are sacrificing their lives to prevent the truth from being known? The power and the choices are yours.

The official website for Revelation can be found at Discussions about the game are done on the forums.