Redeemer Skills

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Active Skills

Spinning Staff

Caps at 5
Requires level 45
Requires Rapid Attack 3
Requires Double Attack 2
Bonus to accuracy and damage for the strike
30 seconds re-use timer


Caps at 3
Requires level 55
Requires Dodge 5
Lasts: 20 seconds
+ 5% dodge bonus per point
2 minutes re-use timer

Boon of Friendship

Caps at 5
Requires level 60
Requires Redeemer's Boon VI
Will store life healed from boon into a pool which will heal all members of the group.
30% of the boon value is stored per point.
Healing cap is 2000 + 400 per point.
60 second re-use time, reduced by 5 seconds per point.

Redeemer's Grace

Caps at 5
Requires level 85
Requires Redeemer's Boon 10
Requires Divine Calm 2
While Grace is active, the power of the Redeemer's Boon is increased by 10% per point
Lasts 5 seconds
10 minute re-use time that is reduced by 1 minute per point

Strike of Redemption

Caps at 1
Requires level 100
Requires Redeemer's Boon 7
You will counter every attack against you
Lasts 30 seconds
300s re-use timer

Benedictine Dawn

Caps at level III.
Requires level 100.
Requires AA 20.
Redeemer weapon procs become totally unresistable.
Lasts 18 seconds + 6 seconds per point.
3 minute re-use time.

Passive Skills


Caps at 10
Requires level 1
Improves your ability to wield and do damage with staves.

Rapid Attack

Caps at level 4
Requires level 2
+ 3% haste bonus per point.
- 0.1 second attack speed cap per point.


Caps at level 8
Requires level 5
Requires Agility
+ 3% dodge bonus per point.
+ 4% possible dodge bonus per point.


Caps at 10
Requires level 10
+10 charisma bonus per point

Benedictus's Shield

Caps at 6
Requires level 15
Reflects up to 10% damage per point back at the attacker
Requires charisma to maximize the damage reflected

Double Attack

Caps at level 5
Requires level 20
+ 4% chance of hitting twice with your weapon per point.


Caps at level 6
Requires level 25
Requires Strength and Agility
+ 2% parry bonus per point.
+ 4% possible parry bonus per point.

Redeemer's Boon

Caps at 10
Requires level 30
+ 2% heal per point of the damage you deal to your opponent
+ 1% heal for every 10 base charisma
+ 0.5% heal for every 10 modded charisma

Redeemer's Boon benefits from Healpower at the rate of 0.05 Healpower for every 10 player levels. This means at level 50, 1 healpower will give + 0.25 to the amount healed by Boon, and by level 100 the ratio becomes 0.5 to 1. The bonus to boon is capped at 50% of the base heal of the boon.

Battle Mastery

Caps at level 5
Requires level 25
Nullifies 2% absorb from the target per point.
Cannot make the target's absorb negative.


Caps at level 1
Requires level 40
Raises the level at which mobs cease to autoattack you by 1 per point.
Gives a small damage bonus versus low-level mobs.

Divine Calm

Caps at 5
Requires level 50
Requires Personality 5
+ 3 life regeneration bonus per point
+ 3 mana regeneration bonus per point
+ 4 focus per point

Triple Attack

Caps at level 2
Requires level 65
Requires Double Attack 5
+ 4% chance to hit an additional time with your weapon per point.
This is on a separate timer from Double Attack.

Mastery of Pain

Caps at level 3
Requires level 72
+ 2% absorb bonus per point.

Combat Precision

Caps at level 8
Requires level 80
+ 3% accuracy bonus per point.


Caps at level 5
Requires level 90
Requires Battle Mastery 5
+ 3% melee damage bonus per point.