Raoras the Deceiver

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Boss Information

Level: 103
Difficulty: Very High
Gender: Male
Type: ?
Evil: ?
Accompanying Mobs: ?
Location: Halls of Sorrow
Drops Gold: ?

Boss Abilities

This boss's abilities are currently unknown

Drops from this Tier Boss

Blacksoul Scimitar
Hellsteel Breastplate
Diamondthread Robes
Rod of Cackling Skulls
Damned Eternity Dagger
Emperor's Bane
Warstaff of Dusk
Nightmare Everlasting Tunic
Diamondlink Chest
Hellhide Vest
Etched Mace of Dusk
Sinister Duskwood Bow
Deathbrand Hammer
Demonforge Plate Chestguard

Basic Strategy

The strategy for killing this boss is currently unknown