Ralothaxxias the Dracolich

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Boss Information

Level: 102
Difficulty: High
Gender: Unknown
Type: Melee, Proc & Cast
Evil: Yes
Accompanying Mobs: Dark Wyrm
Location: Northern Wastes - The Lair of Dracolich
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time: 4 hours

Boss Abilities

Casts Uncontrollable Fear (Debuff - Large -abs and damage - Dark)
Casts Horrid Pestilence (Debuff - Disease - Dark)
RoomProcs Unquenchable Thirst of Souls (Lifetap and -darkresist and -focus - Spirit)
Procs Eviscerate Soul (Lifetap and -darkresist and -focus - Spirit)
Procs Frozen Soul (Damage and Stun and -haste - Ice)
War Crush (8.0 seconds room stun)
Double Edge

Drops from this Tier Boss

Dracolich Eye
Dracolich Skull Helm
Dracolich Claw Ring
The Archmagi's Mittens
Last Testament of Benedictus
Hand of the Fallen
Wraps of Divine Machinations
Quest Items
Skull of Dracolich
Broken Tooth of Dracolich

Basic Strategy

  • Because of the Unquenchable Thirst of Souls room lifetap proc, Priests PoS everybody, and rain Druid uses rain on entry.
  • Enchanter keeps tank SRed as much as possible.
  • Damage kills Dark Wyrms on sight, and stop attacking during Revenge.
  • Priests spam heal when the boss reaches Desperation.