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Promoting Revelation: Lands of Kaldana

In an attempt to bring new people to the game please follow these links (on a daily basis if you can!) in order to promote Revelation.

Both sites have now reset their rankings so this is the best time for us to push Revelation up the list. The sooner we can get people promoting the game, the sooner we can bring some more people into it.

Please refer to:


To help the game that little bit more

If you would like to help out further, you can embed the following links into things like Forum Signatures, Webpages etc:

<a href="">
<img border="0" src="" 
     alt="Vote for Revelation on TMC!">

I make no apologies if this doesn't work - I just copied and pasted it and I don't code things!

If you have any further queries PM me somehow. (Ald)