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You require prestige to be able to join guilds and to get your training.

Sources of Prestige

Prestige can be gained in a number of ways:

  • Gaining levels. Each level gives 1 prestige.
  • Gaining AAs. Each AA gives the prestige equal to the AA level.
  • Gaining titles. 10 prestige for Sir/Madam, 20 for Lord/Lady, 50 for Preserver/Baron. (see Quests)
  • Tithing. You can buy prestige. The cost depends on your prestige level.
  • Killing bosses. Tier 1 bosses give 1 prestige, Tier 2 bosses 10 and Tier 3 bosses 40.
  • Winning wars. You gain prestige for each warred player you killed.
  • Questing. Various Quests (mostly Empire-related) provide Prestige rewards. For example - Shadow Bound Ring and Sedge Seal quests both have prestige rewards attached as well.

Prestige and Prestige Tiers

Tier Prestige Title Prestige modifier
1 0-499 Commoner 100%
2 500-999 Noble 50%
3 1000-1499 Senator 33%
4 1500-1999 Hero 25%
5 2000-2499 Legend 20%
6 2500+ DEITY! 17%

Your prestige gains are modified based on your prestige tier. For each prestige you gain, the modifier is applied. The (rounded up) result is added to your prestige.