Maestro Gormand

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Boss Information

Level: 103
Difficulty: Very High
Rank: Tier 3
Gender: Male
Type: Caster
Evil: Yes
Accompanying Mobs: 2 Savant of Evil, 2 BloodBone Surgeon
Location: Halls of Sorrow
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time/Chance: ?

Boss Abilities

Room Casts Aria of Death (150k+ damage)
Room Casts Symphony of Destruction (8 second stun and 5k+ damage)
Rooms Casts Choir of Mayhem (-100 spellpower, -200 haste)
Casts Exhaustion
Casts Horrid Pestilence

Pet Abilities

Surgeons heal the boss and themselves for 35-40k hp.

Savants have a room damage special, Touch of Evil, for about 4-5k

Both pets' melee is small, and largely irrelevant.

Drops from this Tier Boss

Diamondthread Slippers
Nightmare Everlasting Walkers
Hellhide Boots
Diamondlink Boots
Hellsteel Boots
Demonforge Plate Sabatons
Circle of Harmony
Quest Items
Maestro's Songbook

Basic Strategy

First of all, be aware of the fact that you cannot use Resurrect in this boss's room. Also, this boss needs to be killed within about 3 minutes. If this doesn't happen, he will use his Aria of Death spell to kill off the whole party.

  • Off-tank tanks all pets, while main tank tanks Gormand himself.
  • Healers don't have to focus on tank much as Gormand deals little melee damage - but they need to keep everyone else alive as much as possible