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To access 'macros' (or hotkeys) click on any of the numbered buttons at the bottom left of the screen. You'll see your "Examine", "Get Item" "Attack" buttons (magically) change to blank buttons.

You can now right click on these buttons and another window will pop up.

"Macro Action" is the important slot, where you enter the macro/code for your hotkey.
"Macro Name" allows you to categorise your hotkeys. You can name your hotkeys anything you want to.

Note that everything is case sensitive.

Macro commands


attack [t]

Attacks your current target.

stopattack [t]

Stops attacking. There is no command to stop casting.

spell <spellname>

This will cast a spell, on the current target. eg. spell Touch of Health

skill <skillname>

This will use a skill. eg. skill Meditation

say <command>

This allows you to use a variety of commands, eg. say /e laughs, or say /pet kill. A complete (probably) list of commands can be found via /cmdlist
Note that it is not possible to include more than one say command in a single macro, nor is it possible to use a say /b <message> command

say /weaponswap <left/right/both> <weaponname>

This will unequip your current equipment, either left or right hand slot, and search your inventory for the weapon stated, and equip it. If you don't have Dual Wield, your right hand can only be either a shield or wand. The "both" command unequips both slots and equips the selected weapon in only your left hand. Useful for hybrid rangers.

target 0

Targets the first player, mob or pet, regardless of what it is. target 1 targets the second, etc.

target [1]

Targets the first mob/pet. target [2] targets the second, etc.

target Mob

Targets the first mob. Extremely useful if you're with a pet user/are a pet user

target <name>

Targets a specific player/mob/pet. Note that you have to use the full name, eg. A Domican Republic Spy

target Player

Targets the first player
Using Items

item <itemname>

This will use a consumeable item from your inventory. You are required to use the singular term for items. Thus, it's actually "Winterberry Wine", not "Winterberry Wines".

item <equipment slot>

This will activate the usable spell of the equipment, if any, in the stated slot. Macros for all slots are lhand, rhand, helm, neck, body, lwrist, rwrist, gloves, legs, boots, lring, rring.

Making your macro

Now that you know the commands, you can make your macro. Pretty easy if you want to just cast a spell, or just weaponswap.

Now comes the interesting part, making more complex macros. You can link commands by using the ; key.

Example: target 0;attack [t];skill Bash;skill Kick

Semi-basic macro used by warriors. If you don't know what it does, you should start reading from the top of the page, again :p

Examples of some hotkeys

  • target [1];attack attack - Basic target mob, attack mob hotkey.
  • stopattack [t] - Basic stop attacking command.
  • target [1];stopattack [t];skill Impale - Mid-combat impale hotkey.
  • target [1];spell Hellfire - newk!
  • target zanzoken;skill Quick Cast;spell Frost of Eternity - pvp wizzie hotkey
  • target MeatShield;spell Light of Heaven - heal
  • target MeatShield;skill Bind Wound;say /gm BOUND - bind hotkey
  • say /follow Playername - stalker hotkey
  • target [1];say /pet kill - pet users version of basic attack hotkey
  • item body;spell Mark of Aran - using the chest piece item's spell, then casting a buff hotkey


  • Case sensitivity and spelling is most likely what causes incorrect hotkeys, most of the time.
  • You can name two hotkeys the same, and set them in the same position, and they will do the same thing, even if only one of them has data in the "Macro Action:" text box.
  • For using items, the slots are named: item head, item neck, item body, item rwrist, item lwrist, item lhand, item rhand, item gloves, item legs, and item boots.
  • You cannot have multiple "say" commands in one hotkey.
  • You can have multiple 'spell' commands in one hotkey, but it will display "You are already casting a spell!"
  • You can have multiple skills in a hotkey.
  • You can't hotkey 2 consumeable items in one hotkey, but you CAN hotkey using two equipped items. For example: item body;item ring will work where item Magical Acorn;item A Magical Fruit will display "You can not use another item for 10 seconds." after eating the acorn.

Just for fun

You can also use the [t] function in macros such as:

say /e pokes the eye of [t] and laughs

When an ogre basher is targeted, it will appear as:

Jaina pokes the eye of An Ogre Basher and laughs

This is fun when you add this into your attack hotkeys! Talk about imitating the mobs at doing stupid things before attacking =)

Note that this only works with macros; [t] does nothing if said without the use of a macro hotkey.