Guardian of Sorrows

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Boss Information

Level: 103
Difficulty: Very High
Rank: Tier 3
Gender: Male
Type: Melee
Evil: Yes
Accompanying Mobs: 2 Crazed Terror Spirits (102)
Location: Halls of Sorrow
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time/Chance: ?

Boss Abilities

Jagged Spines
Horrid Pestilence
Uncontrollable Fear

Pet Abilities

Pets cast Cold Spines (-525 agi and damage)

Drops from this Tier Boss

Diamondthread Wraps
Nightmare Everlasting Gloves
Hellhide Gloves
Diamondlink Gloves
Hellsteel Gauntlets
Demonforge Plate Gloves
Choker of Remorse
Quest Items
Soul of Sorrows

Basic Strategy

A selected group of damage kills Spirits on sight, rest kills boss permanently.