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Okay this is well, in follow-up to the thread on I'm putting this here atm while this is under development, and I'll basically be incorporating the Evasion page into this.


Editors of this page please note: here are the sections awaiting edit and input. Put a DONE in bold before the name to indicate it is fixed.

  • Conquest - Not sure if my explanation is correct. (ref. Parry and Riposte Sections)
  • Block Cap - Can it reach 60? Dunno. (ref. Block Section) (CAN REACH 60 AND BEYOND)
  • Phalanx - Does Phalanx give bonuses for blocking? And if it does does it show up on the Default window? (ref. Block Section)
  • Dodge Stack Penalty (ref. Dodge Section)
  • Dodge Agi/ Bonus Ratio (ref. Dodge Section)
  • Parry and Riposte Formulae - Different people have different formulae (ref. Parry and Riposte Sections)
  • Damage on Weapon in relation to Damage Output (ref. Weapon Speed/ Damage Section)
  • Boon Formulae - I'm adding 'em, but Dave's guide is messy. (ref. Boon Section)

Important Info

  • Skill overcap bonus is halved, if the Skill has anything to do with Evasion. (e.g. if you have Combat Precision VIII on a Redeemer, and you have something which gives +1 SKILL: Combat Precision, it only adds 1.5% per point instead of 3%.) Overcap can be due to level too; if you have skill points but you can't put any points into that skill that means you are capped. Any item you have which is + into that skill, will cause overcapping.
  • Unless otherwise stated "stats" refer to total, base + modded.


The Scenario

Well some of you may be wondering what that tiny % that says Accuracy: does. Let's consider a scenario. You have 10% accuracy, the opponent has 15% magic shield. Here is what the server does while you are whacking him.

In 1. It's your turn to hit, and a 100-sided die for hitting is rolled.

Out 1a. If any of 10 sides come up, the server will determine you have landed the hit, and send that packet scurrying off (causing the screen to display "You smash a Goat for 42495(+3578) damage!" or whatever).

Out 1b, In 2. If any of the 90 sides come up, the evasion rolls will kick in. A 100-sided die for evasion is rolled, in this case it is magic shield.

Out 2a. If any of 85 sides come up, you will land the hit.

Out 2b. If any of 15 sides come up, the magic shield will deflect your attack.

Thus we see Out 1a and Out 2a result in hitting, Out 2b results in not hitting. Do a bit of calculation, you have thus 86.5% chance to hit, and 13.5% chance to be deflected.

The Factors

Now you understand how it works let's look at the factors.

  • Combat Precision adds 3% per point.
  • Recall slow weapons get 0.5% acc per speed above 30.
  • Fortune guild training gives 4% per level.
  • The attacker gets a 75% bonus if the opponent is stunned.
    • This 75% bonus is subjected to a 3% penalty per point the opponent has in Stability
  • Class exception for Assasins: Each skill in Daggers give 1% acc, 10% is the hard cap for bonus (0% overcap bonus).


Evasion rolls take place when the acc roll fails. There is an order whereby the different defenses roll though; the order is as below. Protect first; Dodge last.


Each skill point in Protect (by the protector, not you) gives 15% chance for Protect to work. However for the protector to block the attack, his own Block roll has to succeed.

  • E.g. if the protector has Protect 5 and 50% block, and the attacker has 50% acc, the protector has exactly 18.75% chance to block the incoming attack.

Magic Shield

This is the simplest of all evasions. Magic Shield merely depends on your spell level in whatever, like Righteous Guard, Blade Turn. Some items are also +shield, +3 shield means +3%.

  • Magic Shield has a hard cap of 60%. (+5% with the EA to get 65%)
  • However it stands out in that when you are stunned, and the opponent's acc roll succeeds, the hit does not land yet. Magic shield has to roll. This just means magic shield has a chance to override the opponent's acc roll.
    • E.g. opponent has 80% acc, you have 50% magic shield. You have then 40 + 10 = 50% chance to deflect, instead of 10% if this system wasn't around. Notice this is a boon for Wizards.


Block is dependent on 3 things: shield size, Shields, and Phalanx.

  • Shields give 3% per point.
  • Small Shields give 5%, Medium 10%, Large 15%, Huge 20%.


  • Buffing up doesn't affect Block %
  • Theoretical cap for Block % is 80% (+2 Shields Sassaren Heavy Shield, +1 from AE Gauntlets, and +3 Shields from Eternal Guardian Blade proc, and DEFENSIVE SPIN).


Parry is dependent on 4 things: skill in Parry, skill in Swords (or whatever), and stats.

  • Parry gives 2% per point
  • Skill in Weapon gives 0.5% per point
  • Stat bonus caps at 4% per point in Parry
    • (agi+str)/20 gives the exact number of %?
  • Conquest allows the player to parry with an offhand weapon, but no longer attack with it. This increases parry % by a certain amount, probably twice.
  • Class exception for Assasins: Double Edge puts Parry at 0% throughout its duration.
  • Class exception for Warriors: Dual Wield adds 1% per point provided offhand weapon is equipped.

This obviously rolls only if Parry roll succeeds, we will call the roll described below as the riposte roll.

  • Riposte gives 3% per point, Conquest gives 4% per point.
  • Stat bonus caps at 4% per point in Riposte
    • (tog+str)/20 gives the exact number of %?
  • You have half the chance to riposte an off-target mob as compared to targetted (50% penalty)
  • Revenge increases 5% for 15 seconds, additionally you now have 75% chance to riposte an off-target as compared to targetted.
  • You can only Riposte once every 2 seconds (regardless of how many mobs you are fighting).
  • If riposte roll succeeds, there is then an acc roll as if it was your turn to attack. Therefore the chance of a riposte landing is the same as the chance of a normal attack landing (provided the riposte roll succeeds).


Dodge is dependent on 2 things: skill in Dodge and stats.

  • Dodge gives 3% per point.
  • Stat bonus caps at 4 likewise
    • Someone put the exact agi/bonus formula here..
  • Evade gives +5% per point for 20 seconds, 2 min reuse.
  • Class exception for Rangers: +0.5% per point in Stealth.
  • Penalty of 5% per extra mob hitting you (a triple stack means -10%)
    • Does this penalty hold for all the 3 mobs, or just the individual e.g. no penalty against target mob, 5% penalty against the second, and 10% penalty against the third?

Weapon Damage/ Speed

The bonus for each weaponspeed above 30 is 0.5% accuracy and 2% damage, and there is 1.5% damage penalty for speeds below 30. e.g. a speed 32 will have 1% acc and 6% extra damage. (Anyone know how damage listed on the weapon relates to Damage: 123-456? Put it here.)


  1. Balancing tincs lower damage and acc!
  2. Slow weapons aren't necessarily that lousy..


Benedictus's Shield

I know no one has this.. but in the event...