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Basic Premise

The evade system consists of two sets of random calculations. The first is the test to see if the attacker's tohit bonus succeeds. If this is the case, the defender has zero chance of using any evasive skill. If the tohit roll fails, the defender has the standard chance to defend by using the various percentages of the evasive skills. Calculation Resolution Order

Tohit bonus check. IF SUCCESS, evade function ends. Protect check. This is the check if any other player has the Protect skill active on the defender. Magic Shield. Block. Parry. If Parry succeeds, there is the subsequent Riposte check, if applicable. Dodge. Skill Bonusses

For items and spells that bring evasive skills over the cap of a character, the bonuses received are reduced by 50%. This means that, for example, a player has a Dodge cap of 5. He has his stat bonus maxed, so his dodge rate is 35%. He then gets an item that has +1 Dodge, so his Dodge skill is now 6. Assuming he has enough agility to max bonus for the new dodge, he would have 42%. However, because his Dodge is now over the cap, he only receives half bonus from the bonus and so his rating improves to 38.5%. The same applies to the evasive modifying skills, such as Evade. If the player has Evade 6 but a cap of 4, instead of getting a 30% bonus, he would receive a 25% instead. Special Modifiers

Tohit bonus The level based modifier for this is +/- 5%. The standard rules apply, such as the modifier for lower level not kicking until the mob is over 4 levels below the player, etc. The Combat Precision skill adds 3% bonus per point. Weapons with speed more than 30 receive a 0.5% bonus per delay beyond 30. Assassin class bonus is 1% bonus per 1 level of Daggers. This bonus is capped at 10%. Fortune Guild training provides a 2% bonus per level. If defender is stunned, there is a 75% tohit bonus. However, this bonus is negated by 3% per point in Stability. A player being attacked by a mob gets a tohit bonus per per valid attacker for that mob beyond one. Please note that a Wizard attempting to stab the mob with a dagger is not a valid attacker. Protect Check It is a two part check. The first is the test for Protect to actually work. This is 10% per skill point. If this succeeds, the protector's Block chance is then used. Magic Shield Magic shield is generally obtained through the effects of spells or certain caster-oriented magic items. Special: An extra magic shield test occurs if the defender is stunned and the attacker succeeds the tohit check. This skill has a hard cap of 60%.(65% with epic) Block Each skill in Shields is 3% bonus. Each point in Phalanx gives a bonus of 1% per point. This bonus is random for each block, ranging from 0-max. Shield size plays a big role. Small shield is a 5% block. Medium shield has 10%. Large shield has 15%. Huge has 20%. Parry Each skill in Parry is 2% bonus. Each skill in Weapon is 0.5% bonus. There is a stat bonus determined by (agi+str) / 2. This bonus is capped at 4% per point in Parry. The amount of stat required per point starts at 0.1% per point and grows by 2 per additional point in Parry. Hence, Parry 2 requires 2.5 for 0.1%. Warrior class bonus is 1% parry per point in Dual Wield, assuming Warrior has an offhand weapon equipped. Riposte This skill only has its roll after a successful parry. Each skill in Riposte is 3% bonus. The stat bonus is (tog+str) / 2. The bonus is capped at 4% per point in Riposte. The growth is the same as Parry. The Revenge skill enhances riposte by 5% per point for the duration of the skill. The skill lasts for 15 seconds with a reuse timer of 1:30 minutes. While active, reduces the non-target Riposte penalty to 25%. Limit: Skill can only occur once every 2 seconds. Limit: Riposte has a 50% penalty when used against non-targeted attacker. Dodge Each skill in Dodge is 3% bonus. There is a stat bonus from agi. The bonus is capped at 4% per point in Dodge. The growth is the same as Parry. The Evade skill gives a 5% bonus per point for the duration. Duration is 20 seconds with a reuse of 2:00 minutes. The Ranger class has a Dodge bonus of 0.5% per point in Stealth. Penalty: A dodge is a feat of acrobatic mastery. As a result of the difficulty in performing such a move, there is a penalty to Dodge of 5% per extra attacker hitting the character.