Defender Skills

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Active Skills


Requires level 15
Caps at level 7
+0.8 second stun per point
15 second re-use timer

Defensive Spin

Requires level 33
Requires skill Shields 6
Caps at level 3
Lowers haste and accuracy to 0
Raises shield blocking
Lasts 16 seconds + 6 seconds per point
4 minute re-use timer


Requires level 38
Requires skill Shield 5
Caps at level 5
+10% chance per point to block an attack on another with your shield.
10 seconds re-use timer (no longer mentioned in skill description...)

Double Edge

Requires level 45
Caps at level 3
Weapons will strike an additional time
-20% weapon damage while active
Lasts 16 seconds with 7 additional seconds per point
3 minutes re-use timer


Requires level 46
Requires skill Enrage 2
Caps at level 3
Decreases your target's accuracy and increases their haste
Lasts 15 seconds
1 minute re-use timer


Requires level 55
Requires skill Riposte 4
Caps at level 7
+5% riposte bonus per point.
Lasts 30 seconds
2 minutes re-use timer


Requires level 60
Requires skill Riposte 5
Caps at level 10
Holds off on ripostes until the end in order to release them all with a damage multiplier.
Releases when damage > 500 + (skill * level * 5)
+ 8% chance per point of 4x unleashed damage
+ 4% chance per point of 6x unleashed damage
Chances are lower if Backslash is forced (which becomes possible after 10 seconds)
Changing targets cancels backslash
4 minutes re-use timer if damage was dealt


Requires level 72
Caps at level 8
Requires Combat Precision 3
+50% melee damage bonus.
+10% absorb bonus.
Large Strength and Agility bonuses.
Activates at 8% life +3% life for per point
Lasts 30 seconds
2 minute re-use timer

Shield Stance

Requires level 85
Caps at level 6
Require skill Shields 10
Require skill Phalanx 3
Block chance reduced to 0.
Unable to Critical Hit
Melee Damage taken reduced by 3% per point.
Lasts 20 seconds
60 second re-use timer, -3 seconds per point

Mortal Insult

Require level 95
Require skill Taunt 3
Require skill Enrage 4
Caps at level 1
Generates agro and deals a small amount of damage.
3 minutes re-use timer

Guardian to the Grave

Requires level 100
Requires skill Protect 5
Requires skill Phalanx 4
Caps at level 1
You remove all agro from your target and add it to your own.
10 minutes re-use timer

Shield Slam

Caps at level III.
Requires level 100.
Requires AA 20.
Requires Shields X.
Deals a high-damage hit and gives the target a concussion.
Concusses enemy for 2 + 2 seconds per point.
Concussion prevents any agro from generating.
60 second re-use time; target becomes immune for 4.5 - .5 minutes per point.

Passive Skills


Requires level 1
Caps at level 10
+3% block bonus per point.


Requires level 1
Caps at level 10
Improves ability to wield and do damage with swords.


Requires level 2
Caps at level 3
Requires Agility
+3% dodge bonus per point.
+4% possible dodge bonus per point.

Improved Vitality

Requires Level 5
Caps at level 8
+2% life bonus per point.
+10% life regeneration bonus per point.


Required level 8
Caps at level 5
+ 33% agro generated on melee attacks per point.
Adds bonus agro for damage mitigated by enemy defenses. The more damage the enemy mitigates the more agro will be generated.
Enrage will now also generate agro if an attack is evaded of 5% of the player's minimum damage per point.


Requires level 20
Caps at level 9
Requires Strength and Agility
+2% parry bonus per point.
+4% possible parry bonus per point.


Requires level 22
Caps at level 6
+8% stun resistance bonus per point.
+2% chance per point to land a Bash with 100% accuracy.


Requires level 25
Caps at level 4
Raises the level at which mobs cease to automatically attack you by 1 per point.


Requires level 30
Caps at level 8
Requires Parry 5
Requires Strength and Toughness
Only Riposte the attacks of current target.
+3% Riposte bonus per point.
+4% possible riposte bonus per point.

Magic Resistance

Requires level 35
Caps at level 8
+5% resist fire, ice, earth, air, light and dark spells per point.

Double Attack

Requires level 40
Caps at level 7
+4% chance to hit twice with your weapon per point.


Requires level 43
Requires Shields VIII
Caps at level 4
Effect: Generates agro every time you block an attack on yourself or on the player that you are protecting from a mob.
The agro generated by Phalanx is modified by 0.5 agro per player level, per point.
This means that a level 100 Defender would gain 50 agro per block, per point in Phalanx.

Battle Mastery

Requires level 50
Caps at level 6
-2% penalty to enemy's absorb per point.

Mastery of Pain

Requires level 58
Caps at level 6
+2% absorb bonus per point.


Requires level 61
Caps at level 6
Requires Parry 5
+3% chance per point to delay the attacker's next attack by 1-2 seconds after a parry.

Triple Attack

Requires level 65
Caps at level 4
Requires Double Attack 5
+4% chance to hit an additional time with your weapon per point.

Combat Precision

Requires level 70
Caps at level 10
+3% accuracy per point.


Requires level 75
Caps at level 4
Requires Battle Mastery 5
+3% melee damage bonus per point.

Critical Hit

Requires level 80
Caps at level 2
Requires Battle Mastery 6
+1.5% chance to do 2x damage with your weapon per point.

Return Slam

Requires level 90
Caps at level 5
Requires Bash 4
Requires Stability 4
Bash must be unused and ready.
+6% chance per point to evade and counter an enemy's Bash.