Calick'Gon of the Earth

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Boss Information

Level: 102
Difficulty: High
Gender: Male
Type: Melee & Proc
Evil: No
Accompanying Mobs: Pristine Servant & Enigmatic Servant
Location: Forsaken Wastelands - Temple Roof
Item Requirements: Dark Pearl Sphere
Drops Gold: Yes
Spawn Time/Chance: 2 hours, 100%

Boss Abilities

RoomProcs Terran Upheaval (Damage + -abs + -armor + -damage...the debuff is also affected by SR - Earth)
RoomProcs Earthquake (Root, Stun affected by MR, Stunresist, Stunimmunity - Earth)
Procs Emerald Shift (+acc, +airresist)
Procs Granite Shift (+armor, +earthresist)
Procs Ruby Shift (+haste, +fireresist)
Procs Crystal Shift (+sp, +lightresist)
Procs Obsidian Shift (+damage, +darkresist)
Procs Sapphire Shift (+absorb, +iceresist)
War Stomp (4.0 seconds room stun)
Note that Calick can Proc each "shift" at a low level commonly, but also has a rare chance to Proc them at a very high level. This can be dangerous if he gets either a high Obsidian or high Sapphire Shift as it results in a huge DPS gain to Calick, or a huge (vs Tank/Melee) Defensive gain.

Drops from this Tier Boss

Elysian Solitaire Choker
Celestial Armlet
Granite Gage Gauntlets
Virtuous Brigandine Tunic
Virtuous Brigandine Trousers
Citadel Chestguard
Citadel Legguard
Venerable Raiment Gown
Venerable Raiment Skirt

Basic Strategy

  • Because of the Terrain Upheaval room damage proc, Priests PoS everybody, and rain Druid uses rain on entry. Cally's room dmgproc does considerably more damage than other bosses' roomprocs like UToS. To cope with this, the druid should chain rain when Cally begins to get proc happy. Time your new rain to take effect just after the second rainheal hits from the previous rain cast so that maximum roomheal output is achieved. Use the AA20 skill Nature Spirit to rain in emergencies as well as it roomheals instantly.
  • Enchanter keeps tank SRed as much as possible.
  • Damage kills Pristine Servant first, then Enigmatic Servant, then waits for tank's signal to kill boss.
  • Priests spam heal when the boss reaches Desperation. Druid keeps tank RoTGed after binds are done.