Assassin Skills

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Active Skills


Caps at Level V
Requires Level 3

Flings dirt into the eyes of your enemy, giving him a chance to forget about fighting you.

You must stop attacking before using.
10 seconds re-use time

Crippling Stab

Caps at Level X
Requires Level 50
Requires Impale 7

By inflicting wounds at critical pressure points and joints, a trained Assassin can quickly disable the hardiest opponent.

Target cannot use any active skills
-3% dpl/tbl attack chance per point
-5% stun resist per point
Duration is 6 + 2 seconds per point
40 seconds re-use time
Target becomes immune for 60 seconds


Caps at Level X
Requires Level 5

One of the deadliest attacks available, Impale uses both hands to drive your dagger deep into your enemy causing massive damage. Higher strength enhances the damage modifier.

20 seconds re-use time

Note: Must stop attacking before use. Must not be attacked before use.


Caps at Level VIII
Requires Level 12

Allows you to go into hiding, blending into the shadows so that your enemies do not see you.

25 seconds re-use time
+1% damage bonus per point

Note: Chance of being found, thus breaking stealth, in an area where the enemy is aggressive.

Double Edge

Caps at Level VI
Requires Level 50

True weapon mastery goes far beyond just using the single edge or blunt of a weapon. By using all the attributes of a weapon, some masters experience increases in power.

Weapons will strike an additional time
-20% weapon damage while active
Lasts 16 seconds with 7 additional seconds per point
3 minute re-use time
Unable to parry


Caps at Level V
Requires Level 55
Requires Dodge 5

Only the most agile of fighters are capable of pushing themselves even harder for a short period of time. Although it cannot be kept up for long, the benefits in their evasiveness cannot be denied.

+5% Dodge bonus per point
Lasts 20 seconds
2 minute re-use time


Caps at Level V
Required Level: 90
Requires Stealth 8
Requires Distract 5

"Anyone can disappear and wait in the shadows. It is true skill to strike and then disappear from right under their noses." -Baleros, Personal Assassin to the Empress

You gain the ability to stealth at any time, even while in combat
15 second failure re-use time
5 minute successful re-use time

Passive Skills


Caps at Level X
Requires Level 1

+3% Dodge bonus per point
+4% Possible Dodge bonus per point.


Caps at Level X
Requires Level 1

Improves your ability to wield and do damage with daggers

+1% accuracy bonus per point

Rapid Attack

Caps at Level X
Requires Level 5

"The key to ending a contest rapidly, is to attack twice as fast." - Swordmaster Vandalera

+3% haste bonus per point
-0.1 second attack speed cap per point

Dual Wield

Caps at Level X
Requires Level 8

Dual Wield allows a weapon to be wielded in the offhand with a damage penalty.

+5% offhand damage bonus per point


Caps at Level IV
Requires Level 18 Requires: Strength and Agility

One of the very first defensive weapon techniques, Parry uses your weapon to deflect an enemy's melee attack.

+2% parry bonus per point
+4% possible parry bonus per point


Caps at Level X
Requires Level 20

"Let them never know that you struck,until after the fevers take them." -Baleros, Personal Assassin to the Emperor

Allows the use of more advanced poisons
-4% to enemy's resistance against poison per point

Double Attack

Caps at Level X
Requires Level 28
+4% chance to hit twice with your weapon per point


Caps at Level VI
Requires Level 35
Requires Stealth IV

The most infamous assassins are known for being able to leave their daggers in the victim several seconds before the victim even realizes they are there.

ignore 10 armor per point
The amount of agro you create with your attacks is greatly reduced

Battle Mastery

Caps at Level X
Requires Level 40
-2% penalty to enemy's absorb per point

Mastery of Pain

Caps at Level V
Requires Level 60

Through constant exposure, one's threshold for pain and suffering can be increased.

+2% absorb bonus per point

Triple Attack

Caps at Level VI
Requires Level 65
Requires Double Attack V
+4% chance to hit an additional time with your weapon per point

Combat Precision

Caps at Level V
Requires Level 75

"Hitting the target with one attack is more effective than missing with two." - Swordmaster Vandalera

+3% accuracy bonus per point


Caps at Level VI
Requires Level 80
Requires Battle Mastery V
+3% melee damage bonus per point

Shadow Kill

Caps at Level III
Requires Level 100
Requires AA 20
Requires Stealth I

Assassins are deadly opportunists. If there is a chance to escape they won't think twice about murdering you with their daggers and then fading away into the shadows like you never were alive.

20% chance per point of automatically stealthing after an Impale kill shot.
Success will reset the Stealth re-use timer.
Passive ability.