Asadric Sea Dragon

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Boss Information

Level: 60
Difficulty: Medium/ High
Gender: ?
Type: Melee, Cast (Nuke?)
Evil: ?
Accompanying Mobs: None
Location: Sucaran Sea Caves
Drops Gold: ?

Boss Abilities

Awaiting someone in the know

Drops from this Tier Boss

Azure Dragonscale Cuirass
Azure Dragontooth Tunic
Azure Dragonwing Tunic
Azure Dragonskin Armor
Azure Dragonskin Vest
Azure Dragonskin Tabbard
Azure Dragonspell Tunic
Azure Dragonspine Chestplate

Basic Strategy

As he debuffs your melee dmg to nothingness, its suggested to tank this with a paladin with the following strategy.

The core group: Tank - Paladin Support - 1 Priest, 1 Druid Dmg - 2 Impale Assassin with Perforate The rest of the group is optional, bringing more dmg and support will definitely help the run tho.

For the tank, try to maximise your hp while not losing too much defense as the dragon will land some nasty crits during Despo. For example, use a hp tinced Amulet of Druidic Undeath, they help heaps. Get Barrier of Faith as its very important to compliment your lack of armor/abs compared to a Fender.

For the priest, try to follow this spec if possible as it works very well on dragon. For spells, get BoA/BoH/Heals. For skills, get Bind/Mastery of light/Mastery of Holy/Aran Favor. Do not get unities as it wont help the group.

For the killing part, first get both the assy to impale dragon and die as they steal agro. Ress them, this will give u enough agro to last through the fight. Assy chain perf dragon and just wait for it to die.