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A list of common abbreviations, for those people that tend to forget what all those 2-5 letter initials mean. How common some of these terms are used to describe or is associated with the item, skill, spell, area or mob. Please note that all spells are noted by the first letter of the words of the spell due to the Spell Bar in the Revelation Client.

ALB Ancient Lizardfolk Blade Sword Uncommon
ALW Ancient Lich Wand RHand Common
AM Arcane Mastery passive skill Common
AMM The Archmagi's Mittens Gloves Common
AOR Ancient Oak Ring Ring Rare
AZ Absolute Zero Wizard nuke Common
BB BoneBreaker Hammer Common
BD BloodDrinker Sword Common
BF Blood Frenzy Warrior active skill Common
Blackfang t1 boss Common
BM Battle Mastery passive skill Common
BMoT Black Medallion of Tactics Neck Common
BoA Blessing of Aran Priest target buff Common
BoD Blessing of Divinity Priest target buff Common
BoF Boon of Friendship active skill Rare
Barrier of Faith Paladin self buff Uncommon
BoVG Blade of VanGosel Sword Common
BPoD Breastplate of Damnation Chest Common
CA Celestial Armlet Wrist Uncommon
CCG Citadel Chestguard Chest Common
CML Crystal Mail Leggings Legs Uncommon
CMT Crystal Mail Tunic Chest Uncommon
CoL Crown of Light Helm Common
DA Double Attack passive skill Common
DC Divine Comeback Redeemer self buff Uncommon
Destroy Coordination Enchanter debuff Common
Divine Calm Redeemer passive skill Rare
DCR Dracolich Claw Ring Ring Uncommon
DE Double Edge active skill Common
DF Divine Focus passive skill Uncommon
DM Divine Mirror Redeemer self buff Common
DoT Damage over Time jargon Common
DSK Dark Steel Knife Dagger Rare
DTN Drake Talon Necklace Neck Common
EDE Exquisite Dreamscape Edge Dagger Uncommon
ESC Elysian Solitaire Choker Neck Common
EW Emerald Wristband Wrist Common
FoM Foreword of Malice RHand Rare
FW Frostwraith Sword Common
GGG Granite Gage Gauntlets Gloves Common
GJSR Greeanjok Skull Ring Ring Common
GttG Guardian to the Grave Defender active skill Common
HD Hidden Depths item proc Rare
HFB Hellforged Bracer Wrist Common
HoAP Helm of Ancient Power Helm Common
HoL House of Light Redeemer self buff Common
HR Hateruby Ring Ring Common
HS Holy Shock Redeemer self buff Rare
Heartseeker Ranger debuff Common
IoS Idol of Suffering Neck Common
LBN Lich Bone Necklace Neck Common
LToB Last Testament of Benedictus RHand Common
MI Mortal Insult Defender active skill Uncommon
MoA Mastery of Air passive skill Common
MoD Mastery of Dark passive skill Common
MoE Mastery of Earth passive skill Common
MoF Mastery of Fire passive skill Common
MoI Mastery of Ice passive skill Common
MoL Mastery of Light passive skill Common
MoP Mastery of Pain passive skill Common
Monument of Purity Priest room buff Common
MoS Mastery of Spirit passive skill Common
MoH Mastery of the Holy passive skill Rare
MotH Mastery of the Holy passive skill Common
MR Magic Resistance passive skill Common
NEG Nightmare Everlasting Gloves Gloves --
NEW Nightmare Everlasting Walkers Boots --
NS Nature Skin Druid target buff Common
OSI Ogre Sage Idol RHand Uncommon
OWN Oneness With Nature Ranger self buff Common
PoA Power of Aran Priest target buff Common
PoS Purity of Soul Priest target buff Common
PRoF Pulsing Ring of Fame Ring Common
QC Quick Cast Enchanter active skill Common
RA Rapid Attack passive skill Common
RF Raging Flames Wizard room nuke Common
RFoA Raging Fist of Aran Paladin target nuke Common
RNB Rugged Nightmare Boots Boots Common
RNG Rugged Nightmare Gloves Gloves Common
RNL Rugged Nightmare Leggings Legs Common
RNT Rugged Nightmare Tunic Chest Common
RoG Rune of Guidance Enchanter target buff Common
RoM Rune of Mind Enchanter target buff Common
RoPP Rune of Physical Power Enchanter target buff Common
RoS Rune of Supremacy Enchanter target buff Uncommon
Ring of Stone Ring Common
RotG Restoration of the Grove Druid target buff Common
RotHS Ring of the High Seas Ring Common
RotT Rune of the Transcendental Enchanter target buff Uncommon
RWB Ruinous War Band Ring Common
SBR Shadow Bound Ring Ring Common
SBS Salamander Bone Staff Staff Uncommon
SfD Salvation from Death Priest target buff Common
SG Spell Guard RHand Uncommon
SLG Swift Like God Redeemer self buff Common
SoB Strength of Body Redeemer self buff
SoC Strength of Character Redeemer self buff Common
SoJ Strike of Justice Paladin active skill Common
SoM Shell of Magma Summoner target buff
SoP Staff of Punishment Staff Common
SoR Strike of Redemption active skill Common
SotLR Staff of the Lost Redemption Staff Uncommon
SotR Sermon of the Righteous Paladin target buff Common
SR Spell Reflection Enchanter target buff Common
SS Spinning Staff active skill Uncommon
Stone Skin Druid target buff Common
TA Triple Attack passive skill Common
ToS Tear of Souls Wrist Common
UA Unstoppable Anger Redeemer self buff Common
UD Ultimate Demoralization Redeemer self buff Common
UF Uncontrollable Fear Necromancer target debuff Common
UR Unswerving Resolve Redeemer self buff Common
USoF Ultimate Seal of Faith Priest room buff Common
VRG Venerable Raiment Gown Chest Rare (Called just 'gown' most of time)
VRS Venerable Raiment Skirt Legs Rare (Called just 'skirt' most of time)
VS VeinSlicer Dagger Common
WoV Wrath of Verinae Druid nuke Common
WttW Witness to the Word Paladin active skill Common
ZBA Zylun Benedictum Amulet Neck Common
ZMoA Zylun Mark of Anguish Wrist Common